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Kombucha is a fermented sugar green tea drink (contains caffeine) with an effervescent, smooth, tart, and slightly sweet taste. During fermentation, most of the sugar is converted into alcohol then to organic acids and may contains no more than 0.5% alcohol. It has digestive aid bacteria which helps to promote digestion and support liver health. The taste can be further enhanced with added flavors into fruity, spicy, or herbaceous varieties.

康普茶是一种发酵糖绿茶饮料(含有咖啡因),具有泡腾、光滑、酸和微甜的味道。 在发酵过程中,大部分糖会转化为酒精,然后转化为有机酸,酒精可能含量不超过 0.5%。 它含有助消化细菌,有助于促进消化和支持肝脏健康。 可以通过添加水果、辛辣或草本香料进一步增强品味。

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