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Kombucha + Red Date + Honey

Red Dates are sweet with a hint of astringency and offer notes of cinnamon and sugar cane. They possess a wide range of pharmacological activities on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, as well as anti-oxidation and anti-cancer properties. Red Dates are rich source of iron and phosphorous which helps regulate blood circulation. Red Dates Kombucha is a light yet refreshing soda with the added kombucha probiotic and antibacterial benefits.

康普茶 + 红枣 + 蜂蜜

红枣是甜的,带有一丝涩味,并带有肉桂和甘蔗的味道。 它们对神经系统、心血管系统具有广泛的药理活性,以及抗氧化和抗癌特性。 红枣富含铁和磷,有助于调节血液循环。 红枣康普茶是一种清淡而清爽的苏打水,添加了康普茶益生菌和抗菌功效。


With an additional $1 per bottle, you can further zest up the drink into:

- Red Dates Ginger Lime/Lemon Kombucha

每瓶额外支付 1 元,您可以进一步将饮料升级为:

- 红枣姜青柠/柠檬康普茶

250ml Red Date Kombucha 红枣康普茶

SKU: 30


  • Strengthen immune system

  • Supplements probiotics, helps digestion

  • Caffeine improves brain vitality, relieves fatigue

  • Anti-cancer, anti-oxidant

  • Detoxification, beauty care

  • 康普茶(红茶菌)保健功能:

  • 增强免疫力

  • 辅增肠道益生菌,帮助消化

  • 咖啡因提高大脑活力,舒缓疲劳

  • 抗癌,抗氧化

  • 排毒养颜


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