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Kombucha + Lychee + Honey

The bold flavor aromatic Lychee Kombucha that comes with a sweet, slightly floral and acidic notes, is absolutely a common favourite for most people. Lychees are considered to be a super fruit as studies have shown that they contain the second highest amounts of polyphenol antioxidants of all known fruits. They are a very good source of B-complex vitamins, fiber, minerals like potassium and copper, and like other citrus fruits, they are an excellent source of vitamin C. As with pineapple, the carbonation reaction of the lychee kombucha can be literally “volcanic eruption”, resulting in the most fizziness of all. Unfortunately, lychee is a seasonal tropical fruit. Waste no time, do place your order for this all time favorite sooner when it is in stock during the periodic season.

康普茶 + 荔枝 + 蜂蜜

浓郁芳香的荔枝康普茶带有甜美、微花香和酸味,绝对是大多数人的最爱。 荔枝被认为是一种超级水果,因为研究表明,荔枝含有所有已知水果中第二多的多酚抗氧化剂。 它们是 B 族复合维生素、纤维、钾和铜等矿物质的极好来源,与其他柑橘类水果一样,它们也是维生素 C 的极好来源。与凤梨一样,荔枝康普茶的碳酸化反应简直就是“ 火山喷发”,导致最多的泡沫。 不幸的是,荔枝是一种季节性的热带水果。 不要浪费时间,请在定期季节有库存时尽快为这个一直以来的最爱下订单。


With just an additional $1 per bottle, you can further zest up the drink into:

- Lychee Ginger Lime/Lemon Kombucha

每瓶只需额外支付 1 元,您就可以将饮料进一步升级为:

- 荔枝姜青柠/柠檬康普茶

250ml Lychee Kombucha 荔枝康普茶

SKU: 24


  • Strengthen immune system

  • Supplements probiotics, helps digestion

  • Caffeine improves brain vitality, relieves fatigue

  • Anti-cancer, anti-oxidant

  • Detoxification, beauty care

  • 康普茶(红茶菌)保健功能:

  • 增强免疫力

  • 辅增肠道益生菌,帮助消化

  • 咖啡因提高大脑活力,舒缓疲劳

  • 抗癌,抗氧化

  • 排毒养颜

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