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water kefir 开菲尔

Water kefir is a water based probiotic, slightly sweet and fizzy, fermented drink that is produced using water kefir grains. These non-alcoholic fermented drinks rich in beneficial bacteria helps to boost immune system and support gut health. They have grown in popularity, known for their gut-strengthening properties, immune system improving and interesting flavors. The taste can be further enhanced with added fruit flavors into delicious and refreshing drinks.

水开菲尔是一种水基益生菌,略带甜味和气泡,使用水开菲尔谷物生产的发酵饮料。 这些富含有益细菌的非酒精发酵饮料有助于增强免疫系统并支持肠道健康。 它们越来越受欢迎,以其增强肠道的特性、改善免疫系统和有趣的口味而闻名。添加水果风味可进一步增强口感,制成美味清爽的饮品。

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