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Water Kefir + Pineapple + Honey


Pineapple offers a sweet flavor with mild acidity. It is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, as well as some iron and calcium. Pineapple Water Kefir brings that intense tropical sweet, warmth, and tangy taste of pineapple enhanced with an abundance of bubbly fizziness. A truly refreshing choice for a probiotic rich beverage.

水开菲尔 + 凤梨 + 蜂蜜

凤梨提供甜味和温和的酸度。 它是膳食纤维和维生素 C 以及一些铁和钙的良好来源。凤梨水开菲尔带来浓郁的热带甜味、温暖和浓郁的凤梨味道,并带有丰富的气泡。 一个真正令人耳目一新的选择。


With an additional $1 per bottle, you can further zest up the drink into:

- Pineapple Ginger Lime/Lemon Water Kefir, or

- Pineapple Passionfruit Water Kefir

每瓶额外支付 1 元,您可以进一步将饮料升级为:

- 凤梨姜青柠/柠檬水开菲尔,或

- 凤梨百香果水开菲尔

250ml Pineapple Water Kefir 凤梨水开菲尔

SKU: 08
  • Strengthen immune system

  • Supplements probiotics, helps digestion

  • Reduces high blood pressure, balance cholesterol

  • Improves heart health

  • Prevents anaemia

  • Anti-cancer

  • Prevents kidney stones formation

  • Detoxification, beauty care

  • 增强免疫力

  • 辅增益生菌,改善消化

  • 降低高血压,平衡胆固醇

  • 改善心脏健康

  • 预防贫血

  • 抗癌

  • 防止肾结石形成

  • 排毒养颜

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