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HOW to order 如何订购

order From Fish Shop 从鱼店订购

A) Pre-order can be made from the following partner merchants:


  1. FNM 79 Upper East Coast Road, S455219

  2. Ah Beng

B) The partner merchants will collate the pre-orders by collecting payments and compile order details to seller by every Friday. 


C) Seller will deliver the products to the merchants by the following Monday for buyers' collection.


Order directly from seller 直接从卖家订购

With a minimum order of $50, arrangement can be made for house delivery.

对于缺货的产品,请直接向卖家订购。 最低订单金额为 50 元,即可安排送货上门。

Delivery Order 送货订单

A) WhatsApp to seller @97148049 to place order

      WhatsApp 至卖家@97148049 下订单

B) Order Format: <Name>, <Delivery Address>, </ Order>


C) Order Example 订单示例: Order Example: Matthew Tan, #02-04, 117 Kallang Bahru S123456/ Algae x1, Rotifer x 2

Delivery Order Number 订单号

The seller will respond to your WhatsApp with an Order Number, Itemized Charges, Delivery Fee and Total Cost.

卖家将回复您的 WhatsApp 并提供订单号明细费用送货费总价钱

Delivery Fee 送货运输费

Delivery Fee is determined based on Google Maps distance between Mattar MRT Station and the delivery address. 


Zero Delivery Fee with no minimum order amount if goods can be collected at Mattar MRT Station.

如果可以在 Mattar 地铁站取货,则零运费,没有最低订单金额

Delivery Date 送货日期

Live rotifers will be harvested and packaged, ready to be shipped two days after receipt of payment.


Payment 支付

A) Payment: Can be via PayLah or PayNow by scanning the QR Codes.

      付款:可以通过 PayLah 或 PayNow 扫描二维码。




B) Screen Shot: Kindly send payment screen shot to seller quoting the Order Number.


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