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MycrOlife 微生命

MYCROlife is in the business of growing beneficial microbes and bacteria. We provide home delivery of two distinct product offerings: (1) Marine Microbes for marine reef (2) ProPlus probiotics health foods.

微生命致力于培养有益微生物和细菌。 我们提供两种不同产品的送货上门服务: (1) 用于海洋珊瑚礁的海洋微生物 (2) 益菌多益生菌保健食品。

Marine Microbes 海洋微生物

Marine Microbes is for reef hobbyists to feed marine inhabitants, boosting aquarium biodiversity into a more natural, diverse ecosystem.


We do home delivery of live marine microbes.


Rotifer 轮虫

The production of fish fry in hatcheries uses rotifers as the initial food for larvae . Production of nutritious rotifers depends on the production of microalgae used to feed the rotifers.

孵化场的鱼苗生产使用轮虫作为幼虫的初始食物。 营养轮虫的生产取决于用于喂养轮虫的微藻的生产。

Brine Shrimps 卤虾

Brine Shrimps are aquatic crustaceans (Artemidean). They are the only genus in the family Artemidean. Young brine shrimp hatched from dried eggs are used widely as food for fries and other small animals in reefs as they are high in lipids and unsaturated fatty acids.

卤虾是水生甲壳动物(卤虫)。 它们是Artemidean家族中唯一的属。 用干蛋孵化的幼年卤水虾富含脂质和不饱和脂肪酸,被广泛用作鱼苗和珊瑚礁中其他小动物的食物。

Microalgae 微藻
proplus 益菌多

ProPlus is for health conscious people to strengthen their gut and immune system.


We provide home delivery of Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Milk Kefir Ice Cream and Milk Kefir Gelato.

我们提供康普茶, 水开菲尔, 牛奶开菲尔, 牛奶开菲尔冰淇淋和牛奶开菲尔意大利冰淇淋的送货上门服务。

Probiotics 益生菌

There are 39 trillion living microorganisms such as archaea, protozoa, fungi, and viruses living in our gut. Together they create a fascinating ecosystem in the intestines. For a long time these unicellular inhabitants were considered unimportant with only the most basic tasks producing sulfuric gases and feces. The discovery of “gut flora” and its importance to our brain has greatly revised our previous understanding of how disease occurs, and this opens up new possibilities for us to influence our mental health.

我们的肠道中生活着 39 万亿种活微生物,例如古细菌、原生动物、真菌和病毒。 它们一起在肠道中创造了一个迷人的生态系统。 很长一段时间,这些单细胞居民被认为是不重要的,只有最基本产生硫磺气体和粪便的任务。 “肠道菌群”的发现及其对我们大脑的重要性极大地改变了我们之前对疾病如何发生的理解,这为我们影响我们的心理健康开辟了新的可能性。

Algae are aquatic, plant-like organisms with a variety of simple structures, from single-celled phytoplankton to large seaweeds (macroalgae). They produce oxygen through photosynthesis, just like plants do. Human beings also rely on phytoplankton and microalgae as a food source in the commercial rearing of various species of marine animals.


藻类是具有各种简单结构的水生植物状生物,从单细胞浮游植物到大型海藻(大型藻类)。 它们通过光合作用产生氧气,就像植物一样。人类还依赖浮游植物和微藻作为商业饲养各种海洋动物的食物来源。

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